“The Storm Has Come”. That’s the title of Preacher and Bears secon album, released in March of 2013. Before this they released full length album “Suburban Island” in 2010, partly produced by the legendary Ebbot Lundberg from The Soundtrack Of Our Lives. Since then Elin Piel and Fredrik Petterson has taken their time to really emerge as a band. The playfulness heard on their debut is still there but the band has sharpened their knives and taken on a more radical point of view. The messages are more a smack in the face than a slap at the wrist. Still there are some tracks that completely hit you in the heart with stories of love and longing.

Even though the production is bigger than last time can still here the trade mark guitar of Fredrik Petterson and the intriguing vocals of Elin Piel. The tracks build off each other and create a weave of stories about injustice, sadness, love, struggle and hope. Elin and Fredrik mix complete hopelessness with utter joy. This is one of the bands fortes. If PJ Harvey and The Cave Singers had a love child, it would probably sound like Preacher and Bear. It’s hard to describe this band as a specific genre. But if you think of their musical backgrounds it all makes sense. Fredrik has been a devoted punk and hardcore guitarist while Elin has her heritage in singer/songwriting.

The band has previously traveled Europe with artists like Declan de Barra, Bobby Baby and Winter Took His Life. The tour with WTHL and Bobby Baby (Fall 2010) was Preacher and Bears first international tour, an intense but rewarding experience that stretched over 25 days. In these 25 days they manage to play 24 concerts throughout Germany and Switzerland. And this although the winter cold was giving their old Subaru a run for its money and the Swiss custom took almost all of their money, records and merch in deposit. Needless to say, this experience gave Preacher and Bear a good liftoff and the reputation of being a great live band. For their second tour they traveled with Declan de Barra all over Europe, from the north of Sweden down to Praha in Czech Republic (Spring 2011). Their latest tour (Spring 2012) was a preparation for the recording of their new album and they traveled alone with drummer Kajsa Poidnak trough Germany playing in cities like Trier, Bonn, Hamburg and Hannover.

On tour is where they really get to show what they are made of. The band is mostly known for their vivid live performances that is not just a musical experience but also personal connections. Their dynamics, timing, charisma and the, sometimes, completely insane talking between songs make them a band really worth travelling far to see. On stage is where their strengths as musicians and entertainers become obvious.

So be aware; The Storm Has Come.


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